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Is The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Better Than The Previous Generation?

Every time Samsung or any company brings a new phone to the market, one of the most consistent questions is whether the new device is better than the previous generation. It is not something that is difficult to answer. I can assure you that it can be answered easily if you actually use the device on your own.

Still, for people who do not have ready access to new devices, things can be difficult. Whether the consumers are planning to get their hands on the S20, the s20 plus or the S20 Ultra, you must be aware of the fact that these devices are not drastically different from each other. Whatever the case maybe, if you are wondering whether devices are worthy upgrades over the previous generation ones, then this is the article in which we are going to explore. You Are Getting Better Specifications The first thing is the obvious one; you are getting better specifications than the last generation. Not just incremental upgrades, but proper ones. I know it sounds like something that is not good enough but if you run the device to its full potential, you are getting something great here. Better Future Proofing Another benefit that we can absolutely not deny is the fact that the device offers better future-proofing. I know it might sound like something that is entirely useless and unnecessary but the good news is that spending money on these devices will guarantee that you are going to keep your device running on the latest features for more than a year. Close to 2 years, to be honest. That being said, the S20 series is a must success and should not be avoided.

April 22, 2020